Why Implement Diabetic Retinopathy Screening at Point of Care?

Time, money, and transportation challenges are all barriers that might limit patients from visiting the eye doctor for diabetic retinopathy screening. Incorporating Topcon Screen as point-of-care testing for diabetic retinopathy allows you to improve patient outcomes while improving quality measures and supporting practice referrals for all eye care practitioners.

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Protect your patients’ vision with point-of-care retinal screening

We minimize any disruption by providing the complete infrastructure, including reading services and retinal camera.

*EMR Integration via HL7 available

Why Choose Topcon Screen?


Helps detect abnormalities for diabetic patients early


Reimbursed by most insurance companies


Closes the Diabetes Eye Exam HEDIS/Star measure

Point-of-care testing reaches more patients

The ability to move testing closer to the patient supports the need to provide better and more convenient access to healthcare for all patients, particularly those with chronic diseases.


  • 95% of Medicare Advantage plan members with diabetes were monitored for kidney disease⁴ 
  • Only 52% of diabetes patients in the MSSP ACO program were documented to have had a diabetes eye exam⁴ 
  • By implementing Topcon Screen, primary care practices and Medicare Advantage plans can bring HEDIS compliant eye exams to the patient at point of care

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The Topcon Screen Difference

Our platform includes:


Reimbursement Information

Most private insurance plans, Medicare Advantage, and Managed Medicaid plans will provide reimbursement. Medicare reimbursements may vary depending on the region. Various federal and state incentives, quality assurance programs, and legislation may affect the coverage and reimbursement rates of both private insurance and Medicare and Medicaid plans. We recommend that you check with your patient’s insurance provider to verify reimbursement eligibility before the screening.

Topcon Screen also includes the support of an experienced reimbursement team. We will work with you to answer any billing and coding questions along the way.