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Enable primary care physicians to provide HEDIS compliant Diabetes Eye Exams at point of care

The Diabetes Eye Exam measure is one of the more difficult quality measures to close due to existing workflow and patient compliance. Bringing HEDIS compliant eye exams into the primary care setting improves access to care for diabetic patients while reducing administrative burden for health plans and practices. Ocular telehealth solutions, such as the Topcon Screen platform, help reduce a significant barrier to care for patients with diabetes and support practice referrals for all eye care practitioners.

    “Healthcare is moving into a quality-based reimbursement model. With Topcon Screen, we can increase our reimbursements and improve our ability to care for our patients.

    Chrisie Mulcahey

    Executive Director, Health Partners, Inc.

    Benefits for Health Plans

    • Meets the HEDIS specifications for the Diabetes Eye Exam
    • Reduces administrative work associated with chart chasing
    • Identifies patients with previously undiagnosed vision problems

    How We Support Payers

    • Establish and communicate the payer policy to participating physicians
    • Provide retinal camera options that meet your needs, including mobile healthcare initiatives
    • Launch pilot programs for physician practices and systems for an effective provider partnership strategy

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