Eye on Healthcare Podcast

About the Eye on Healthcare podcast

Less than 50% of Americans with diabetes are tested for diabetic retinopathy, despite risk for vision loss*. That’s why Corey and John, our hosts, dive into the trends and socioeconomic factors that surround eye care in the diabetic population, and in particular, diabetic retinopathy. Each episode contains powerful information for PCPs, payers, and healthcare systems eager to close the diabetic eye care gap and provide their patients with solutions that will prevent vision loss.

Meet the hosts

John Bartolovich has been in the Healthcare Sales space for the past 30 years with the last 10 focused on diabetic retinopathy. Currently, in his role at Topcon Healthcare, he is focused on Healthcare Economics and Social Determinants of Health and their impact on diabetes and diabetic retinopathy. He can be reached at [email protected]

Corey Chapman has served in healthcare sales, with a focus on primary care, for the past 15 years. His current role is the National Sales Director of Topcon Screen, focusing on early detection of diabetic retinopathy. He can be reached at [email protected]

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