How it Works

A simplified solution

Time, money, and transportation challenges are all barriers that might limit patients from visiting the eye doctor for diabetic retinopathy screening. Topcon Screen gives you the opportunity to screen your patients in your office during their primary care visit. All without the common implementation barriers for you.

Common Barriers to Implementation


Cost of purchasing a retinal camera and associated software contracts


Uncertainty around reimbursement


Concern about impact on existing workflow

Topcon Screen Solution


No purchase of capital equipment or long-term software contracts required


Full support of Topcon's reimbursement resources


Complete, easy-to-implement solution that fits into existing workflows


Reduce chart chasing

“We are able to capture an image in under 2 minutes 98% of the time.”

Becca Vaughn, MBA

Director of Operations & Administration, Privia - BCG Medical Group

Topcon Screen fits into your existing workflow

Implementing Topcon Screen as point-of-care testing for diabetic retinopathy allows you to reach more patients and improve care coordination for your diabetic patients diagnosed with a vision pathology.

Topcon Screen provides the complete infrastructure, including reading services and retinal camera. 

How it works

*EMR Integration via HL7 available

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Flexible Retinal Camera Solutions

Reimbursement information

Most private insurance plans, Medicare Advantage and Managed Medicaid plans will provide reimbursement. Medicare reimbursements may vary depending on the region. Various federal and state incentives, quality assurance programs, and legislation may affect the coverage and reimbursement rates of both private insurance and Medicare and Medicaid plans. We recommend that you check with your patient’s insurance provider to verify reimbursement eligibility before the screening.

Topcon Screen also includes the support of an experienced reimbursement team. We will work with you to answer any billing and coding questions along the way.

See Topcon Screen in action

  • Completed scan takes 2 minutes or less
  • Easily integrates into your existing workflow

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