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Impact of Retinal Exams on Capitated Plans

The rising cost of care Various reports estimate the US healthcare expenditure at $3.6 trillion. In 2018, that represented 17.7% of the US GDP.¹ No other country spends more on healthcare as measured against GDP than the United States, and as we have seen these costs...

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Diabetes Eye Exams and COVID-19

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) recently announced it will provide temporary relief from reporting and audit requirements for health care providers and organizations1.  While this will allow providers and health plans to focus on providing care...

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Diabetes Eye Exam: The hardest HEDIS measure to close?

When speaking with health plans about the Diabetes Eye Exam, this quality measure is commonly referred to as one of the most difficult measures to close. Since up to 50% of diabetic patients lack documentation of a retinal eye exam1, health plans and practices spend a...

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